Last week I decided that I only want to drink water throughout the day with and without meals so far I drink five 20 ounce bottles per day which is 100 ounces almost a gallon. And since I’ve started my urine is pretty clear and I go to the bathroom a lot but I like … More Water

Good morning!! 

Excuse my absence these past few days I was trying to get over that cold I had . But this morning I’m feeling a lot better and wanted to share what me and my daughter are eating for breakfast it’s oatmeal with blueberries and some pineapples on the side       this is my pumpkin … More Good morning!! 

I have a cold

so I woke up this morning with a horrible cold. I didn’t want to get out of bed. So I’m stuck with soup and a bottle of water for breakfast to try and hurry and break this cold before it gets any worse. I hate being sick!!!    

Home made pizza 

ok so since I’m trying to be healthy and I was craving pizza today I decided to make a home made pizza. I don’t know how healthy that is but it was delicious.  Here are pictures of my pizza and the steps I did I think I posted them backwards but it’s still awesome! I  … More Home made pizza 

Natural Queen

This page is directly centered around my natural hair journey. I have been getting relaxers my whole life and at the age of 24 I was tired of it so at first I transitioned. Which means I wouldn’t get anymore relaxers just let my hair grow out while still having the relaxed hair but it wasn’t … More Natural Queen


If you’ve found the time to visit my blog, I first want to thank you. Secondly, I want to inform you about what my blog is about. I am Deja Davis, born and raised in Houston, Tx. I am currently on a journey to self love and finding my purpose in this world. I started … More Welcome